A new service in the GridList – GL Webinar System


Dear friends! We continue to improve the GridList. We want the Metaverse residents to have more tools available so that you can show your skills and present your listings in the best possible way. We do what no one has ever done before us.

We present to your attention a new service as part of the GridList portal – GL Webinar System.

We know well, that there are many talented, unique and artistic inhabitants in the Metaverse, content creators, programmers, designers and bloggers who have something to say to colleagues and users in virtual worlds. A webinar is one of the best ways to share experiences and communicate between users. We have created a platform for you! Make beautiful things together, share knowledge and experience, teach your followers and share skills using GridList webinars.

You can create conferences and workshops, dev camps, classes and discussions, interviews and reviews of your products in the new webinar platform created especially for you! You can create paid lessons and convert your knowledge and skills into money. You can broadcast online conferences directly from your Virtual Worlds, and get instant feedback from your viewers live! You can stream your parties and events online.
The platform has many functions, such as an online demonstration and a scheduled recording, a scheduled demonstration and much more!

Gather a large audience and advertise your knowledge!

Registration in the GL Webinar System is available to all members of the GridList Community for free. At your request, you can make paid lessons and conferences using GL Webinar System. We made the interface as simple as possible and the simplified registration system for spectators, moderators and webinar admins.

Join the Community right now and try out the new features of the GridList Info web portal! Create your audience on a dedicated resource created for Virtual Worlds.

Contact the GridList portal managers to ask how to start creating your webinars today!








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