Cybersecurity is the top priority of our team

Our GridList community members are protected from spammers, pedophiles and other mobs. Our filters every second monitor the illegal actions on the website and block everyone who can threaten the website and our People.

We have made the GridList one of the safest and most protected places for Metaverse residents. No spam, no harassment, no threats or insults.

Each comment is checked for spam automatically, each listing is checked for quality manually.

We have provided two-factor authentication for store owners, and our multi-level security system checks every login for spam and violations.

We blocked several countries that were seen in mass attacks on servers, and several grids that carry out illegal activities and were seen in the spread of threats and the disclosure of personal information of users in the past.

We promise that on GridList there will never be grids, users, regions that were seen in unclean activities earlier, on other websites.

We stand for cleanliness and security on the Web. And we will protect our members always and in all cases.







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