GridList become social!


We did a good job on our engine, and created a full-fledged social network for the GridList Community!

Come and see what features and capabilities you now have on the GridList website.

Add a profile cover and change the image of the avatar, look at the wonderful wall, with a lot of functionality, emojis and gifs, with the ability to download files and media. Share news and events with your friends.

Your profile is no less functional than your awesome listings! Add your professional skills, tell your friends about what you do in the Metaverse, publish your portfolio and resume, equipped with chic galleries. Connect your profile with Flickr and your photos will be displayed right on your profile page. Publish blogs and microblogs to your readers, comment on blogs and articles of community members. Organize your favorite content.

As always, we have not forgotten about your privacy: you can completely hide your profile and configure access levels to it. All information about what the website stores about you is now available in your control panel, and you can always request the downloading or deletion of your data from the website in accordance with the requirements of privacy laws. The privacy of our users is always above other priorities for us.

All your member profiles are synchronized with your listings in the GridList directory, and your fans can discuss your regions and events on the GridList pages, marking your achievements.

The advertising network “GL:ad” is already built into the profiles and you can place your ad for free in the members profiles.

Our excellent media engine will allow you to beautifully embed links, video, audio and other media content onto a wall or into your profile.

Listings, blogs, media, shops, visit statistics and other services are closely integrated with each other in a single network. You can control all this in a convenient control panel.

These are just some of the features of our social network. Come and see for yourself. We have prepared for you a large basket of gifts for the holidays. We wanted your stay on the pages of GridList to be as comfortable, interesting and exciting as possible. We wanted to create something completely new and beautiful for the Metaverse, and we hope you enjoy our work.

Brand new multifunctional social network in the Metaverse! This is our gift to you, friends! Happy #2k20!







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