Caprica is the new spirit of absolute freedom in OpenSim. 100% loyal administration, REAL hospitality guarantee you a REALLY conflict-free stay in our space without a single drama or ambiguity. We introduce a completely new vision of how virtual reality should look like.
We came. We are here. Welcome to share with us the joy of perfection.

there is NO racism, NO chauvinism, NO insults, NO bias and uncultural communication

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Please note our simple rule:
children avatars is strictly prohibited.
Avatars from "sacrarium grid" "cyber-face" and "kohaku grid" is prohibited on Caprica and in all "Caprica family" and "Caprica Underground Mafia group" regions. This grids is blocked at the network level due to numerous violations of ethical standards.

Region age restrictions - 18+ ONLY.

HOP (works fine in Firestorm )
V3HG HOP (works fine in Firestorm )
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    November 27, 2019 at 11:30 am

    My lovely place.

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