With great respect to the Woman, we built this palace. Unique textures, a unique atmosphere that is transmitted even at low graphics settings. Manually selected animations, furniture and toys for the Lady. Beautiful paintings and frescoes on the walls, delicate colors.
Each of the NPCs is created manually by Caprica. These are stunning ladies that contain the DNA of the shape of Capri herself! Try to spend time with them - we are sure you will get real pleasure.

The palace has separate rooms for any partnerships. We made a large lady lounge with each other, in a pleasant, gentle setting. On the second floor there are private rooms. But the main stage and our pride is the main hall. Try it out.

Privacy is the main thing in our grid for all time.
Come with friends to spend time in a private setting, in a place where no one bothers you and you will be welcome at any time.

HOP (works fine in Firestorm )
V3HG HOP (works fine in Firestorm )
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  • Adult

  • Vivox

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