Mintor is the 'back to nature' welcoming area for Quintonia. It's a great place to start when you are new to virtual worlds, plus it's ideal if you need some chill time. It's also a great place for meetings and chats.

The region is seasonal with the plants, trees and terrain changing to reflect the current northern hemisphere season. There are two 'Mintor days' to every 'Earth day'.

Welcome centre - The welcome centre is where you first arrive in Quintonia. If you created an account on the website you will arrive at the tutorial room that has a simple introduction to movement etc.
There are teleporters to various locations in Mintor, as well as to the other areas and Quintonia. You can also page admins if they are on-line.

Estate office - This is where you can contact admins either directly if they are in world, or by leaving a message (post notecards in the letter box or type a message to our friendly helper).

Residential areas - There is a selection of sizes and styles, all available for "free rent" - as long as you renew them each week, you can keep them as your home.

Nature reserve - The nature reserve is a place you can wander and take in the animals. You can travel on foot or pick up a horse by the welcome centre.

There is a mountain top observation deck, a geodome meeting space and a few other surprises awaiting discovery!

Art gallery - A space for art displays by anyone that is interested in putting on a show. There is also a cafe space, great for meeting and chatting with others.

Cafe at the Art gallery - Features the Quintonia cafe system for Satyr Farm

Learning centre - The learning centre features a "sandbox" i.e. an area where anyone can freely build and experiment. Anything there can stay for two days so plenty of time to build. If you need longer, just take into your inventory then back out to get another two days. We will also be adding some learning information and also hope to run some courses here.

Farm - Quintonia farm is a working farm that anyone can help out on. You can help plant, water and harvest crops, tend to the animals & make produce. It's also a nice place just to hang out with some reading and meditating areas.

Quintonia is a Queer / LGBT friendly grid that welcomes all that identify as such along with allies.

HOP (works fine in Firestorm )
V3HG HOP (works fine in Firestorm )
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