Our methods of keeping a Community Website always up to date

Q: What happens when my listing expires?
A: The listing is automatically removed from the index and goes into the standby mode of your confirmation to continue showing.
Just go to the your dashboard, find your expired listing and click “Relist“. Your listing will be instantly published back.

This is to ensure that our community is always up-to-date and not clogged with listings that no longer exist, so as not to mislead users.

For example, if a place no longer exists in the Metaverse, and its owner did not take care to remove the listing from impressions, this may mislead a user who wants to follow the link to this place and does not find it In-World.

We care about our users and visitors, and we do everything so that their stay on the community website is as comfortable and convenient as possible. GridList will always be up to date and full of lively, interesting places and events.







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